My Life in Dogs

My Life in Dogs chronicles the special dogs with whom Barbara has shared her life. Full color with over 180 entertaining, heartwarming photos and stories.

From the hilarious story of the family vacation in the family station wagon, complete with unruly kids, the family dog, a duck, two turtles, two guinea pigs, a rabbit and a fish to the touching story of how Barbara's beloved dog, Brynna, lost her eyesight but went on to live a surprisingly active and full life.

Several stories are of dog adventures on the road in summer vacations in the trusted truck camper. From the amazing encounter with a wild deer that became buddies with her border collie to the fun adventure of taking a puppy on her first cross-country trip. The stories include a wonderful mix of the emotions shared, both good and bad, when we are fortunate enough to share our lives with those special, loyal companions.

I Can Help on the Farm

I Can Help on the Farm follows children on Family owned dairy farms. Family farms are not a job, they are a life-style. Children not only work along side their parents, they also have their own play areas and get to show their cows. The book is set up as an I Read You Read for a beginning reader and reading partner.

Things Will be Better

Historical Fiction taking place on the Oregon Trail in 1849. During the Gold Rush, conditions on the trail deteriorated drastically; cholera followed the wagons, unprepared young men were flocking to the gold fields. Crime and violence escalated. The Mounted Riflemen were dispatched to try to keep peace with the Plains Indians who had, until now, helped the settlers heading west. Recently orphaned fifteen-year-old Crispinus Fletcher and his younger sister must find employ on a wagon train west. The two meet interesting characters, some of whom are traveling to the gold fields and others to Oregon Territory.

Dreams on the Oregon Trail

Winner of the WILLA Literary Award: Historical Fiction Novel set in 1848. Two girls, one in 1848 and one modern day, travel the Oregon Trail. Becky travels by covered wagon with her large farm family facing the trials and challenges of the Oregon Trail. Jenna travels with her mother in the comfort of their truck camper. Each night, Jenna dreams a day in Becky’s life. Does she want to tell her mother and have her tell her it’s only a dream? As the days go on and the hardships increase…. Does she Dare tell her mother? Will her mother think she is crazy?

Travel with the Aunts

Have you noticed that when women reach a certain age, they no longer care what people think of what they say or do? Allison’s three great-aunts have reached that age. Having been told by her father how awful her great-aunts are, Allison is shocked when she is asked to chauffer her three intelligent, wild family members on a road trip. Throughout their journey, Allison learns the life story of each: their versions of why they are who they are now—not who her father told her they were. In so doing, Allison gains insight into her own life and family. Travel with the Aunts is an on-the road, rollicking novel filled with intrigues and adventures, personal discoveries and shared heartaches, shockingly funny incidents, and descriptions of a profoundly beautiful country: America. Mostly, it’s a story about coming home to the truth about yourself, and being fine with it.